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                      IMMIGRATION RIGHTS
Our coalition advocates for policies that respect and protect all of our residents, draw a clear line separating all our local government agencies from the work of federal immigration policing and deportation, and help foster trust between our community and law enforcement. 
By adopting such policies, the County may reduce its legal liability for depriving individuals of their full constitutional rights when honoring the federal government’s requests to detain immigrants without a court order.
                         WHAT WE ARE DOING
We are working with the Immigration Committee of Herndon, Reston Indivisible, and the Western Fairfax Immigration Strategy group, working out of the Centerville Immigrant Labor Resource Center.  We are developing a set of requests for Fairfax County leaders – the supervisors, police, and sheriff – and are working to bring together a coalition of like-minded groups (ACLU, the Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations and  many more) to coalesce around the requests and rally in support of them.  
                                 WHAT WE PROPOSE
Proposed policies:
  1. Develop a clear and specific policy on when it is permissible for police officers to reach out to ICE, limiting that interaction as much as possible.
  2. Immediately terminate the intergovernmental service agreement between ICE and Fairfax County.
  3. Do not honor ICE detainers.
  4. Do not provide ICE with advance notice of when any individual will be released from the Fairfax Adult Detention Center.
  5. Limit the access that ICE has to individuals being held at the Fairfax Adult Detention Center.
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