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To make a difference, we have to win elections.

V A   D E M O C R A C Y   F O R W A R D

VADF Supported Candidates

Next Elections Committee Meeting  - Jan. 10, 2018


Take the Virginia House in 2019

 Join Us as We Support the Following House Delegate Candidates:


Virginia's 2019 statewide races are critical to the Commonwealth's well-being. We need a strong majority to effect legislation that will help all Virginians thrive. 


Join us as we work to elect officials who will advance Virginia's economy, protect civil rights, enact sensible gun laws, save our environment, and improve schools. 

Set aside time on your Fall calendar to canvass, text, or write postcards. 

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Learn About Virginia Government

Virginia representatives in US Congress

Senator Warner

Senator Kaine

Virginia Senate & House of Delegates

Virginia House Democrats

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