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GOTV Postcards for VA Primaries
 & Research Project - Do Postcards Work?

To get addresses for Virginia 2018 primaries in VA 2, 7 & 10 districts and participate in postcards-impact research project, sign up below:

Thanks! Message sent.

Volunteers writing postcards for this project can get postcards at or any other place they like.


  • Groups or individuals sign up (above) to let us know how many postcards they can write between now and June 5th.

  • In collaboration with postcards4VA, we provide you with the Virginia addresses in congressional districts VA2, VA7 & VA10 - all flippable districts where there are primaries.

  • All addresses provided will have even street numbers. This is to compare against the odd street numbers control-group where no postcard will be sent.

  • Groups or volunteers provide their own stamps and postcards.

  • From now to early June, Groups and volunteers write the postcards to encourage and remind people to vote in the primaries (examples will be provided).

  • Groups and volunteers should not mail the postcards immediately - they should be mailed on a designated day that will be communicated so that voters receive the postcards as close to primary election day as possible.

  • When voter rolls are made available (many months after the primaries), postcard impact will be assessed by comparing the primary turnout in Group 1 (even street numbers, got postcard) and group 2 (odd street numbers, no postcard).

  • The primaries are a great opportunity to isolate the impact from the postcards as there will be much less get-out-the-vote activities and other noise than in the general election.

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