Anti-Trump: Protesting is Just the Start

Lt. Gov. candidate Susan Platt at anti-Trump rally

Anti-Trump protests are great. You meet wonderful people, show everyone that many oppose Trump – and you get to wave witty signs and yell.

But protests are just the beginning, as Carlos Lozada’s May 28 Washington Post review of Zeynep Tufecki’s book, “Twitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked Protest” points out. Tufecki is a seasoned veteran of anti-authoritarian movements worldwide.

Tufecki’s lesson: True change requires painstaking, grassroots organizing to have an impact on the ballot box. The “collective effervescence” of crowds, as French sociologist Emile Durkheim called it, only gets us so far.

VADF recognizes this. Since it was organized December 2016, it has organized 22 events (guest speakers – local politicians, candidates and campaign strategists -- a phone bank, ballot signature collecting, activism training, postcard party, Women’s March bus, member meetings, etc.) And more to come!

Remember, the far right has been doing this kind of stuff for years. They’re good at it. We have to beat them at their own game.

Yes, as a first-timer, it can feel a little weird to knock on doors. But people are nice. Really. Don't want to go face-to-face? Volunteer for a phone bank. Need training? Attend the Women's Summit: Flip Virginia Blue on June 24. $35 and all the networking, training (and yoga!) you need.

Please stay active. Volunteer for campaigns, donate, participate in phone banks and stay active in VADF and the dozens of other grassroots group that have sprung up to oppose the corrupt Trump agenda. Or like Susan Platt (above--lt. governor candidate candidate) wave signs and run for office.

We're all needed. Every one of us. With our signs and without our signs.

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