Brexit, Tom and Ralph

What has Brexit got to do with Tom Periello, Ralph Northam and the Virginia primary?


Whatever you think of Brexit, at least in Europe, some momentum against the Far Right appears to have generated. In the U.S., Democrats have come oh so close in Montana and Kansas. And now comes Jon Ossoff in Georgia.

But, as the brilliant George Takoff, bestselling author and researcher in cognitive science and linguistics, has pointed out, Democrats are a tribal bunch. This morning's New York Times highlights out the current establishment vs. progressive fight. If “our” candidate doesn’t win, we tend to take our balls and go home.

It's OK to fight. But, ultimately, we need to unite. Too much is at stake in Virginia. As the Washington Post notes: the Virginia gubernatorial election is being viewed as an early referendum on the party in power.

If “our” candidate doesn’t win on Tuesday, we can’t stay home. We must take a deep breath, unite against the extremists the Republican are nominating (that means you, Ed Gillespie). Don’t go tribal again. We must knock on doors, donate money and phone bank for those other Democrats we didn’t support in the primary.

If we don’t, the Republicans win. Again. Plain and simple.


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