Our VADF Team Values

To reach our goals, the VADF leadership team works on forward looking plans and ways to keep VADF moving ahead. We recently surveyed 25 or so of the most active members of VADF to help provide input for planning. Over the past two years, these members have developed significant experience on how things get done and can be improved upon. Their input helped develop our plan for 2019 and resulted in a set of suggested common values for VADF. Now that our group has grown to over 360 members, values are one way to help keep the group cohesive and to align our activities and decision making. The ten values emerged, from conversations and surveys, as terms most often mentioned and agreed upon.

Communicative: We collaborate well with local groups and communicate excellently via multiple mediums and media. We work hard to listen and make sure our messages are understood.

Effective, Efficient, and Organized: We have a reputation for getting things done. We show up on time with the people and resources promised and get results.

Sharing: We help each other and are generous in sharing our experiences and materials with each other to enable all of us to create success in our endeavors.

Accountable: We meet and exceed our commitments individually and as an organization.

Dig Deeper/Do More: We look for ways to dig deeper into issues and do more, to the extent we are able, given that many of us also hold jobs!

Social and Fun: Political activism doesn’t have to be a grim social chore. We strive to make our activities effective, collaborative and interesting, and to give members a way to meet new people, make friends, and work together.

Involvement: We want to give everyone a chance to get involved, and offer many different ways to take action and help.

Considerate: We have great members who strive to be civil in all interactions and are considerate of the feelings of others.

Organic and Fluid: Our organization is non-hierarchical and flexible. We move rapidly to adapt to the changing situations we face.

Evaluation: Every activity we undertake is an opportunity to improve. We learn from our past.

Members can refer to our list of common values when making decisions about activities. The list can also serve as a basis for discussions on the best ways for VADF to move ahead and win elections.

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